No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy

York Hotel operates a strict No Smoking policy.

As of July 1st 2007, smoking in any public place is against the law.

This also includes hotel guest rooms that have been designated non-smoking rooms. 
As we are a completely non-smoking establishment all of our rooms and public areas are designated non- smoking and are registered with the local council as so.

As appointed managers by proprietors Bravo Inns we are responsible for upholding these laws in this establishment and are liable for a fine of up to £2500 if anyone is found to be or has been smoking in any of our rooms.

As managers we hold the right if we find any evidence or believe that any of our guests have been smoking in any of our rooms (this includes smell of cigarettes in rooms or cigarette butts found outside bedroom windows) to add £100 to the bill for the expense to us for loss of earnings, the dry cleaning of curtains, bedding, and carpet cleaning, etc. If the guest is part way through a stay they will be asked to leave the premises with no refund being given.

This statement is due notice of these charges and no discussion will be entered into on this matter. This smoking policy forms part of our terms and conditions and is covered by the legally binding contract you are agreeing to enter into by booking accommodation with us. By entering into this contract you are authorising us to make the above charges to the card without any additional consent being required.

Please remember this is not just the accommodation provider’s policy – this is the LAW and we would be quite within our rights to contact the local police and the guest would be liable for a fine of up to a £1000 for smoking in a designated non-smoking room which is classed as a public place by law.

So if you intend to smoke a sneaky cigarette out of the bedroom window please do not book a room at York Hotel as we have zero tolerance on this matter.

A covered, heated smoking area is located at the rear of the hotel with access both via the public lounge area and the out of hours hotel access door.